Ed’s Manifesto - SEREPICK Collaboration Class
September 7-8, 2019 - Windsor Locks, CT - $500.00


Course Description:

Ed Calderon and SEREPICK have created a specialized Covert Entry class spanning two days of intense hands on and real-world experience for up to twenty students.

This course will focus on the aspects of mindset and field application considerations for covert entry, from austere environment tool selection and procurement to carry and transportation. The class will be led through exercises and evolutions focused on applications in non-permissive environments.

Day One:

  • Hands on, fundamental single pin picking
  • Exercises on advanced lock entry (commercial and improvised tools)
  • Field expedient tool design
  • Practical scenario-based evolutions

Day Two:

  • Hands on exercises with alternate locking systems (tubular, disc, wafer, combination, etc.)
  • Extensive hands-on with advanced bypass methods to include re-entry considerations
  • Bumping, shimming, loiding, etc.
  • Advanced Methods of Entry to include special applications
  • Practical scenario-based evolutions


Tuition for the class is $500.00 per student. All necessary tools are provided for students during the training. Additionally, at the conclusion of the class each student will receive a custom training kit including custom entry/bypass tools and hardware to continue their practice and training after they have completed the course.

Tuition Includes:

  • Tools and Expendables (locks, picks and associated hardware)
  • Student Takeaway Kit 
  • Breakfast and Lunch both days

Training Location:

Homewood Suites - 65 Ella Grasso Blvd. - Windsor Locks, CT
Discounted Room rates @ $105.00/night

A logistics email will be sent out after Registration.

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